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We've partnered with Nesta!

We are thrilled to announce that the Universal Commons has officially partnered with Nesta's Challenge Prize Centre to run the Universal Commons Measurement Challenge .

Nesta is a UK-based global innovation foundation that works with organisations to tackle the world’s greatest challenges, including by designing and delivering ‘challenge prizes,’ which offer a substantial reward to the individual or team that can solve a particular problem.

Such challenge prizes have seen tremendous success at solving tremendous scientific and technical problems in the past. The British Government’s Longitude Prize of the 18th century helped us navigate the world. More recently Nesta's Longitude Prize has helped kickstart research into antimicrobial resistance.

The Universal Commons Measurement Challenge (UCMC) will focus on the problem of how to measure changes in Social and Natural Capital, which is a necessary step in fixing the fundamental flaw in the economy. 

Together, the Universal Commons and Nesta will be developing the UCMC over the next six months by reviewing existing measurement systems, engaging relevant experts, workshopping ideas for a challenge prototype, and delivering a detailed challenge prize plan.

We also want your input into in this crucial project. Please contact with your thoughts on how we can best help to bring measurement of Social and Natural Capital into the 21st Century. We look forward to hearing from you.


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