Our Team

The team working together to create a more moral economy

Dr Simon Longstaff AO

Chief Philosopher

Simon has added ethical, philosophical and intellectual rigour to the development of the Universal Commons Project.

Reuben Finighan

Chief Economics Advisor

Reuben’s economic analysis informs the underlying economic framework that guides the Universal Commons Project. 

Alan Schwartz AM

Founder & Funder

Alan drives the Universal Commons Project and builds strategic relationships with philanthropists, social investors, Not For Profits and other key stakeholders. 

Sarah Buckley

Wise Counsel

Based on her long experience as a social innovator and the executive director of the Trawalla Foundation, Sarah provides wise counsel to the Universal Commons Project. 

Dr Tim Dean

Lead Communicator

Tim brings his skills as a philosopher, writer and synthesiser of ideas to be the voice of our project. His content helps build strategic relationships and increase awareness of the Universal Commons Project. 

Lucy Fisher

Marketing Lead

Lucy leads the design, development and implementation of communication strategies for the Universal Commons Project. 

Lyn Longmuir

Chief Co-ordinator

Lyn manages all facets of the day-to-day operations of the Universal Commons Project.

Carol Schwartz AO

Project Enabler & Funder

Carol helps guide the vision and strategic direction of the Universal Commons Project.

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Our team is working together to restore justice to our economic system and ensure that it is working sustainably within the bounds of nature and for the good of all humanity. If you would like to join us on this journey, please contact us.



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Universal Commons

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