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Returning value to profit

The Griffith Review published my Memoir “Returning value to profit” this month. It describes my exhilarating three year journey from capitalist and philanthropist to capitalist, philanthropist and political agitator. This Memoir is not for reflection alone; it aims to radicalise other capitalists and philanthropists and to guide the future activities of our family office and family foundation.

For us, it’s the end of the beginning.

And for you, here is the first paragraph of the Memoir!

AS THE CONSCIENTIOUS middle child of Holocaust survivors, my objectives as a young man were narrow and conventional: to become a better person, build a strong and loving family, achieve financial security and find happiness. I worked hard, was lucky in love and health, and built several successful businesses. Twenty-­five years ago I was able to lift my eyes and expand my horizons. It was time to give back. I began to volunteer a large proportion of my time and financial resources to community and philanthropy. These beginnings are hardly the makings of an economic radical. But my story has an unexpected twist….

I hope you enjoy my journey!

In a future blog I will describe how we will harness our commercial and philanthropic resources and join the global movement seeking to protect the most Universal of our shared Commons – the atmosphere.


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